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Halloween Discount Coupon Banner 2019

Embroidery Digitizing Services for Event Costume Preparation

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the scope of embroidery digitizing services has broadened to great lengths in the past decade, with more and more industries and businesses looking for customized logo digitizing, embroidery digitizing or AI to DST services.

What started mostly as a service dedicated to the service industry looking for precise embroidery designs, embroidery digitizing has come a long way, helping people to stand out and portray their unique personality statement and distinctive approach.

Today, the AI to DST (vector to embroidery) services are highly sought by masses looking to wear their unique style as well as people looking to celebrate specific events and festivals.

Embroidery digitizing services today has become a GOTO industry for party-goers who are looking for attractive designs and creative ideas embroidered to their dresses.

As the Halloween approaches, there are lots of people looking for AI to DST embroidery digitizing services to get themselves the most niche and weird looking outfit.

Below we have come up with the list of events where embroidery digitizing can help people get dressed unique and standout among-st the crowd.

1. Halloween

Halloween is definitely one of the most cliche events where people from all backgrounds lookout for high-quality embroidery digitizing services companies to get themselves the weirdest looking and unique dresses. And since Halloween is also one of the busiest times of the year for professionals, with no holiday and little preparation time, embroidery digitizing companies can definitely help people get prepared in the most unique and standout apparel.

2. Seasonal Clothing

Apart from Halloween dresses, people preparing for seasonal events or for themed events also look up to embroidery digitizing services to get themselves dressed up as kings, queens or prepare any other relevant theme articles of clothing.

Since at the past times, the clothing articles tended to be heavier in terms of embroidery exclusiveness (for kings, queens, prince, and princess), a reliable and competent embroidery digitizing agency can help create a lavish and extravagant digitizing embroidery file that will definitely up the ante for your personality and help you stand out amongst the rest.

3. Literature Events

Literature fans can also get themselves dressed up like their favorite literary characters using embroidery digitizing services. How about getting dressed up for Romeo or Juliet or some other medieval time character? You can also add a few of your favorite quotes to your dressing using AI to DST digitizing services.
4. Kids Festivities
Kids are perhaps the most excited getting dressed up as their favorite fairytale character. How about getting your cutie pie dressed as Cinderella or your little boy as masculine Hulk? With the right embroidery digitizing services, there are endless possibilities to get your kids dressed in unique characters (try to respect their favorite characters though). You can also use a logo digitizing Services Company to help you come up with the best direction to take.

Well, with Halloween around the corner, 360 Digitizing Solutions bring our values customers with dedicated, fast and high-quality embroidery digitizing services at affordable prices. We are offering customized costume logo digitizing for as low as $10 for one logo. Even better to go with $25 for 3 logo digitizing services.



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Halloween Discount Coupon Banner 2019

3 Great Tech Halloween costume ideas you can easily get with embroidery digitizing!

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Halloween is a great fun holiday that’s enjoyed by all. However, I really feel like that the season doesn’t get its due attention. I mean it’s a holiday with no vacation (I hate this the most) or no dedicated songs/folklore and most of all, it falls on one of the busiest times of the year, leaving most people with a short time to get prepared.
For most people, preparing for Halloween remains a challenge as they find themselves out of time and out of ideas to prepare. But, this shouldn’t be the reason to skip to the activities of the festival, right?

Keeping in view the pressing need of masses for quick Halloween costumes, many embroidery digitizing service agencies have started offering discount packages for AI to DST (vector to embroidery), logo digitizing and custom digitizing services.

We don’t get many days to goof around all dressed up weirdly at work and when you do get one (think Halloween), there is no way you can let it go like this.

Below we have come up with some great Halloween costume ideas for digital marketers and tech geeks that you can work around with embroidery digitizing companies using their AI to DST, logo digitizing or custom digitizing services.

So, check out our list below and I am sure you will find an inspirational idea for your Halloween costume.

1. Copycat

“CTRL + C” perhaps it’s one of the most relatable keyboard macros almost everyone uses to copy items from one place to the other. Well, here’s out tech spin-off for this Halloween. Get yourself a tee with “CTRL + C” writer yeah you can easily have one from most embroidery digitizing company’s AI to DST services. Now, buy cat ears plus make whiskers using eyeliner and you are done being a Copycat.

2. The blue screen of death – Halloween Costume 2019

Ok, if there is one screen all tech geeks hate most it’s definitely the blue screen of tech. In fact, even the most naïve computer users are afraid of this screen. How about getting yourself dressed up with this “Blue Screen of Death”, I am user your colleagues would be terrified looking at you. Go on for embroidery digitizing services to get the digitized form of the screen and have it embroidered on your blue color t-shirt. I am sure that even the blue color would be enough to terrify your colleagues.

3. Dead Battery and Wi-Fi

If you got a best friend at work, this will be a fun idea. I mean what can be more terrifying than to have a dead battery with no Wi-Fi?
Here’s the deal, contact an embroidery digitizing firm and ask them to create a digitized file for a dead battery and a down Wi-Fi. I prefer using a black t-shirt to get it printed. To add even more fear and demon in your appearance, put on some zombie make-up and bang! You are all set to terrify your techy friends and colleagues.

Got some Awesome Halloween costumes to be digitized for Embroidery?

At 360 Digitizing Solutions, we are offering our special Halloween costume designs digitizing offer. Get yourself a Halloween logo digitizing service for as low as $10. Even better, go for 3 Halloween logo digitizing for just $25. Contact our customer re presentatives now and get ready to celebrate the festivities of Halloween with your techy friends.

Use Promo Code: $1forJust$10 for 1 Logo and #3forJust25

Benefits of Using Best Digitizing Services Company for Jacket back Embroidery

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Over the years embroidery digitizing has become a highly competitive industry offering valuation solutions to various businesses.

Now with all sorts of businesses looking for embroidery digitizing services, the key metrics for success remain to offer highest-quality and reliable services to clients bringing in the innovative and customization using state-of-the-art technology and expert digitizers.

Out of various businesses that look up to high-quality and reliable digitizing services for their operations, embroidery companies are one sector that is utterly dependent on the reliability of digitizing agencies to get attractive and exquisite embroidery sewouts as well as to stay relevant in the market. Embroidery for jacket back have traditionally remained one of the biggest demand for embroiders worldwide, 360 Digitizing is the team, whom they look up to get intricate and stunning digitized embroidery designs.

Now, if you are looking to break into the embroidery market and for jacket back digitizing, here are some benefits you can procure by hiring an experienced and expert embroidery digitizing service provider company as your partner.

1. Get more market access

Embroidery is one of the most fiercely competitive industries with hundreds of established and new players looking to outsmart competition with enchanting embroidery sew-outs.

Now, as an embroidery business, your best bet to outsmart the competition is to deliver highly intricate embroidery designs precisely embroidered onto the fabric.

All of this plus you should be able to bring into the market the fresh embroidery design collection as well.

Now, all of this is only possible if you got a reliable and expert digitizing services partner, you can deliver the highest-quality and precisely digitizes embroidery designs, as per the fabric

requirements. Remember, the use of state-of-the-art machinery, expert digitizers, and experience working in the industry of embroidery digitizing company, all add up to produce the best-digitized file for the high-quality jacket back digitizing or embroidery designs, thus influencing your success of embroidery business.

2. Satisfied Clientele

Following our first point, to sustain and grow in the embroidery and fashion industry, you need to constantly bring a “wow” factor with the embroidery designs for your clients.

And with so much variety and competition in the market, customers are constantly demanding better embroidery designs introduced in the market at regular intervals.

Again, it’s your race against time and a reliable embroidery digitizing partner like 360 Digitizing  with the right resources can help you deliver on all crucial aspects of delivering the highest-quality product to clients for maximum client satisfaction.

3. Scale-ability

Over the decades’ digitizing services have greatly expanded its scope of services both horizontally and vertically. Having said that, today, professional digitizing services agencies are enabling businesses to look into newer business opportunities as part of their scalability program.

A reliable and expert digitizing services partner can help businesses to explore various new markets like fashion collections, sports team and others to scale business operations. Similarly, with a full-stack embroidery digitizing agency as a partner, businesses can venture into the more specialized and high-rewarding industries like jacket back digitizing, logo digitizing, etc.

At 360 Digitizing Solutions, we bring decades of embroidery digitizing experience along with a passion to deliver the top-notch digitizing services to our clients. We are a full-stack embroidery digitizing agency offering embroidery digitizing, logo digitizing, jacket back digitizing, 3D puff digitizing and all other related services. Feel free to Register at or Secure and Easy Client Dashboard Panel.

Choosing the best embroidery digitizing company – why it’s important?

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Don’t you feel the cringe when you hear someone looking for the “cheapest” something? Ok, it’s agreeable that everyone is looking to cut costs one way or the other, however, it’s important to remember that can only expect to get what you are ready to pay for. Which is why, I personally think that going with the “cheapest” anything isn’t the right call, and you would rather be left in the dismal state for your choice of cheapest anything.

The same goes for embroidery digitizing services, which today are in great demand all across the world. Embroidery digitizing, logo digitizing, jacket back digitizing, sleeve digitizing, 3D puff digitizing and other related services have become crucial to many fashion and textile businesses, who are constantly looking to beat the competition with better and more intriguing embroidery designs. But how could you expect to get high-quality embroidery digitizing services when you aren’t ready to pay for the services?

Like many other business sectors, the high-demand for embroidery digitizing services has led to an abrupt boom of hundreds and thousands of digitizing services companies; all looking to grab their share of the market by hook and by crook. And as you can expect, not all of these companies are equal in terms of quality, deliverance, and embroidery digitizing skills. Hiring such cheap embroidery digitizing company will only result in loss of time, money and a lot of stress, as the work you will get (if you are fortunate to get on time) will be abysmal and not worthy of introducing in the market.

So, next time around when you see a shining tagline “cheapest embroidery digitizing services”, shun right away. Here in this blog, we will be looking at the benefits of choosing the best embroidery digitizing agency, even if you have to pay a little extra to hire their services.

– Online Embroidery Digitizing worth your attention

Ok, you must have gone through various online content cautioning about choosing an offshore online embroidery digitizing company, mostly stating their inaccessibility and communication gap. However, that’s mostly all made up stuff to justify the higher price tag of local agencies.

In reality, most of the online embroidery digitizing companies are the best choice in terms of value for money. Since these firms are strictly focused on maximizing the client experience, they can be relied to deliver highest-quality services that too at competitive pricing. Moreover, you can also bargain them for further discounts for large orders. The only exception here is to avoid embroidery digitizing companies claiming, “cheapest services”, and I guess we have very well discussed this matter above.

– Quality Digitizing

Moving on, perhaps the most important reason why you need to choose the best embroidery digitizing company is to be sure about their skills, resources, and expertise to deliver you precise and high-quality digitizing services for embroidery designs. Remember, in today’s competitive industry, the only thing that can help your business stay ahead of the competition is your ability to outclass your competitors with aesthetically pleasing and enchanting embroidery designs, which is only possible when you have the best embroidery digitizing company working as your partner.

– Customer Service

Lastly, an important reason to choose the best embroidery digitizing Company is to be sure about their customer support and service. That’s because even the best of the best embroidery digitizing services if not delivered on time aren’t worth a single penny. So, when you choose a reliable, affordable and expert embroidery digitizing services, you can be sure to get the real deal for customer support, service, and deliver-ability.

Common issues with embroidery digitizing Orders disclosed

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The demand for embroidery digitizing services is ever-increasing. However, with the increasing demand, there’s also an increased number of dissatisfied customers for digitizing services.

The reason?

Well for most parts, the clients’ dissatisfaction stems from the subtle line that differentiates expectations from reality. This is a two-facet thong, where at one end customers are too naïve to have realistic expectations, while at the other end the embroidery digitizing agencies don’t act professionally and inform customers about the reality and issues that might be faced with their orders.

See, with the ever-increasing demand, there are hundreds and thousands of digitizers and digitizing companies looking to cash on the high-demand. And it is worth noting that not all of the digitizers or digitizing services companies are equal in terms of skills and experience. In this blog, we will be looking at some of the common issues that can be faced with embroidery digitizing orders.

1. Lack of Planning

Well, this issue is mostly pertaining to new/inexperienced digitizers, who don’t have much of the experience to understand the embroidered design offset on screen and on fabric. It is important to remember that the embroidery design as it appears on screen may not be exactly how it will look once it gets past the embroidery machine on to the fabric.

Thereby, when you are looking for high-quality commercial embroidery digitizing services, it is important to choose an experienced company with expert digitizers who can handle the task masterfully.

2. Wrong or No Underlay

Honestly, this is one of the hardest aspects of embroidery digitizing technique and certainly much tricky to master. To be able to come up with the best digitizing for an embroidery design, you need to carefully choose the underlay as per the type of stitches. Using the wrong underlay or ignoring the underlay can utterly distort the embroidery design, making it almost impossible to embroider it on different fabric types.

3. Improper compensation

This is yet another issue that can arise if the digitizers aren’t well-skilled or not experienced enough. The key here is to have the understanding of just the right volume of compensation required (the difference between too much and too little is important). A poorly calculated compensation can result in various distortions including sticking out of underlay, eventually effective the overall quality of the embroidery design.

4. Improper Stitch Density

Well last but not least this is yet again a common issue for embroidery digitizing orders, which again stems from lack of experience and skills on the part of digitizers. Remember, the stitch density is one of the core aspects that will influence the overall quality of the embroidery digitizing services. The right density will depend upon various factors including the fabric type, layering amongst others. Thereby, when you are ordering your embroidery digitizing needs, make sure you choose an experienced and skilled agency that can deliver the task aptly.

If you are looking for affordable and reliable embroidery digitizing services, consider 360 Digitizing solutions as your partner. We bring in decades of experience along with the most experienced digitizers and latest software and hardware to ensure delivering the superior quality digitizing for embroidery orders. Feel free to contact us for a free quotation.

Few Lies you’ve been told about embroidery digitizing

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Embroidery digitizing is an expansive field with a multitude of uses in various industries. However, with ever-increasing demands for high quality digitizing for embroidery services, many clients find it hard to come up with the best digitizing services.

Most of the time, it’s the unawareness on the level of clients as well as unrealistic expectations from embroidery digitizing services that result in disappointment. Nonetheless, in this blog we will be looking at some of the common lies that you have been told about embroidery digitizing services, so you have realistic expectations with a better idea about the digitizing services.

1. The size of the letter doesn’t matter

Well, this is simply not true. In fact, the size of the letter is crucial especially for text-based logo digitizing services. It is important to remember, that the size of the letters/alphabets are kept large enough to offer high visibility and readability to the audience. If the logo is primarily composed of words, it’s important to set a decent lettering size and format to make it clear and comprehensible.

2. it’s easy to embroider closed-loop alphabets

ok, this is yet another big myth that has no basis. In fact, closed-loop alphabets including b, o, p and q are comparatively harder to embroider. Many run-of-the-mill embroidery digitizing firms that didn’t pay close attention to details may result in the complete covering of closed-loop letters, given they don’t give adequate space within the loop. This is also true for high-density stitches

so, when choosing digitizing services, make sure you choose a company that’s experienced enough to comprehend to the layouts and fonts requirement for closed-loop alphabets.

3. stitch density is independent of fabric quality

Yet again a completely baseless lie. In the world of embroidery digitizing stitch density is one of the most important aspects to get high-quality designs and these, in turn, are closely related to the choice of fabric on which the embroidery needs to be done on.

For the ultimate quality digitizing for embroidery, it’s important to choose the stitch density with respect to the choice of fabric, because if the two don’t match, it would eventually lead to poorly designed embroidery. For instance, lighter fabrics like silk need lighter and low-density stitches. Higher stitch density in such fabric may lead to wear and tear of the fabric.

4. Digitizing software doesn’t have an impact on the quality of the embroidery design

This is yet again a big lie and fallacy. In reality, the quality and appearance of logo digitizing or embroidery digitizing will closely be related to the quality of the embroidery software used by the agency. There is various industry-standard software, which helps in creating high-quality digitized files, precisely suited for the commercial needs of businesses. Then, there is medium-level software, which is just good enough for personal/off-the-cuff use. Thereby, if you are looking for high-quality embroidery digitizing services, make sure to choose the latest and powerful industry-standard digitizing software.

5. You can Do It Yourself (DIY)

Well, while you can definitely take up a DIY project as an experience, there is no way you can take up embroidery digitizing DIY for commercial projects. Mastering the art of embroidery digitizing needs years of experience and extensive practice over different software. That’s one reason why all professional digitizing agencies are after experienced and skilled digitizers, ready to pay them a handsome amount to join their team.

360 Digitizing Solutions brings decades of experience and the reliability to deliver the highest-quality digitizing services for all your embroidery needs. If you are looking for affordable, reliable and timely delivery embroidery digitizing services, consider 360 Digitizing solutions as your partners.

Two Ultimate Embroidery Digitizing Tricks for Beginners from Expert Digitizers

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Ok, let’s agree to the fact that minor details may not carry the weight to destroy a piece when digitizing for embroidery design.

However, it is these small details that ultimately distinguish a masterly embroidered piece from an ordinary one. And since in this blog we will be looking at tricks to master the embroider digitizing skills, we will definitely be taking up these minor details that will impact the overall quality of the digitizing services.

Now, it is a no brainier that every great embroidery digitizing begins with a high-quality and masterly produced stitch file (which by the way can also be referred to as the brain of the embroidery machine).

Thereby, to be able to master digitizing services, you got to come up with superior quality and seamlessly created stitch file and in the sections below we will be looking at two ultimate tricks for digitizers to create exquisite stitch files.
It is important to master the art of embroidery digitizing because, with the majority of the run of the mill digitizing companies, customers are increasingly looking for creative and dedicated digitizers who can help them come up with high-quality, impeccable and innovative digitizing services.

Now, let’s just began our ultimate embroidery digitizing tricks:

1. Understand the concept of layering in embroidery digitizing

Ok, if you aren’t well-versed with the technique of layering, it’s time to give it a go.

Layering is one of the best embroidery digitizing techniques that can help you add depth to the design, and an embroidered design is at its zenith when the digitizer is able to intelligently use the depth of thread and adds a unique dimension to the design.

Interestingly, out of the various digitizing services, embroidery digitizing is the only process in apparel with the innate ability to vividly introduce the depth.

By learning to add layers to the design, you will be giving it a depth that immediately grabs the attention of customers and take your design above average design.

Now, it is worth noting that while there are some contemporary techniques like screen printing that can aptly create a 3D effect on the design, these techniques are a mere illusion and can’t stand the intricacy and vividness of layering offering by embroidery digitizing services.

2. Stitch density optimization

While an important aspect to consider, stitch density is one aspect that is frequently neglected by many digitizers. For most digitizers, going with the default value of digitizing software is good enough to avoid caring for the density. Not to mention, this is one serious neglection that directly impacts a whole lot of other aspects of the digitized design including the comfort and use of a stabilizer.

To create the ideal design, the stitch count shouldn’t exceed or fall short of the optimal number of stitches required. Now, let’s agree that the sense of the optimized stitch count wouldn’t come overnight, nonetheless, you got to start paying attention to this aspect to be able to learn it. The optimal number of stitches will vary as per the complexity of design as well as the different fabrics. And for all young aspiring digitizers reading this, you need to start considering the value of optimal stitch count to be able to truly master the art of embroidery digitizing, slowly but surely you will gain insight into the best stitch count to be used under different circumstances.
Take away:

Yes, embroidery digitizing is a lucrative business with businesses and individuals looking for the best digitizing services. However, to be able to stand out amongst the competitors, you need to pay attention to the minor details often ignored by a commercial run of the mill businesses.

At 360 Digitizing Solutions, we bring in the best, fully customized and innovative embroidery digitizing services to our clients that are hard to compete by any commercial agency. If you are looking for innovative and bespoke digitizing services, let’s get connected!

Embroidering on Jacket back? Few tips must be followed from Embroidery Digitizing to Embroidering the Design.

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Jacket Back Embroidery Digitizing

Well, the winters are coming… the winds are getting colder, and the leaves are turning colors. People are getting ready to pull out their jackets and coats.

And as the winter approaches, embroidery digitizing companies brace themselves to make some quick cash with customized jacket back embroidery digitizing services.

Honestly, coats and jacket back embroidery digitizing services when done the right way is good money makers for digitizing services companies as well as attractive for customers.

Jacket back digitizing is more expensive than general embroidery digitizing services, while when the customer is looking for a bigger design, it simply translates into even more profit.

So, are you ready to maximize your profits these winters with exquisite jacket back embroidery digitizing services?
Below we have come up with some great tips that will help you master the art of jacket back embroidery digitizing services and offer your customers with stunning designs.

  1.  Stabilizing and hooping

    Choosing the right stabilizer is one of the most important things, whenever looking to start any jacket back embroidery digitizing job. Fortunately, choosing the right stabilizer for jackets isn’t much difficult. If you are working with a lightweight/windbreaker coats/jackets you could choose a simple sheet of tearaway stabilizer, whereas, when working with heavy jackets, you don’t really need any stabilizer at all.

    One important consideration when choosing a stabilizer is the elasticity of the stretch limit or the item. For heavy/thick jackets, there is a little stretch on offer, plus with already much lining, there is little to no use of adding any more layers. If you are still concerned with the distortion, you can always throw a single sheet or tearaway stabilizer and rest assure of its sufficiency. The only time when you would actually need a proper cutaway stabilizer is when you would be working with stretchy knit jackets.

    Moving on, hopping is definitely one challenging aspect of the jacket back embroidery digitizing opposite to stabilizer selection. Most of the time, embroidery digitizing companies don’t have a decent frame board template that fits the back-hoop size of jackets. To further exacerbate the difficulties, there aren’t many references available for jacket embroidery digitizing. A good practice here is to buy a decent framing template for the framing board. You don’t need to go with the fanciest template, just choose the perfect size for the jacket to be able to apply adequate downward pressed.

  2.  Lining it Up

    The whole purpose of using the best hopping frame is to bring in consistent alignment in your design for jacket back embroidery digitizing services. Remember, jackets are tricky to get aligned, especially when you are dealing with jackets with little to no seams or marks. Center seams are always of great help for embroidery digitizers that help them align the design, and with most jackets offering seam up around the shoulders, these can be great to make a great straight line of reference. The only aspect to consider here is to ensure that the design stays below the shoulder seam to get the best alignment.

    If you are working with jackets with no seams or reference marks, you will have to mark your center of the design. The best practice is to put the center mark some 7 to 10 inches down the neck. However, this will mostly depend on the design of the jacket.

If you are looking for the awesome and stunning jacket back embroidery digitizing services, feel free to contact 360 Digitizing Solutions. We bring in decades of experience along with one of the largest purposely built infrastructure to ensure the best jacket back digitizing solutions to our customers.