The demand for embroidery digitizing services is ever-increasing. However, with the increasing demand, there’s also an increased number of dissatisfied customers for digitizing services.

The reason?

Well for most parts, the clients’ dissatisfaction stems from the subtle line that differentiates expectations from reality. This is a two-facet thong, where at one end customers are too naïve to have realistic expectations, while at the other end the embroidery digitizing agencies don’t act professionally and inform customers about the reality and issues that might be faced with their orders.

See, with the ever-increasing demand, there are hundreds and thousands of digitizers and digitizing companies looking to cash on the high-demand. And it is worth noting that not all of the digitizers or digitizing services companies are equal in terms of skills and experience. In this blog, we will be looking at some of the common issues that can be faced with embroidery digitizing orders.

1. Lack of Planning

Well, this issue is mostly pertaining to new/inexperienced digitizers, who don’t have much of the experience to understand the embroidered design offset on screen and on fabric. It is important to remember that the embroidery design as it appears on screen may not be exactly how it will look once it gets past the embroidery machine on to the fabric.

Thereby, when you are looking for high-quality commercial embroidery digitizing services, it is important to choose an experienced company with expert digitizers who can handle the task masterfully.

2. Wrong or No Underlay

Honestly, this is one of the hardest aspects of embroidery digitizing technique and certainly much tricky to master. To be able to come up with the best digitizing for an embroidery design, you need to carefully choose the underlay as per the type of stitches. Using the wrong underlay or ignoring the underlay can utterly distort the embroidery design, making it almost impossible to embroider it on different fabric types.

3. Improper compensation

This is yet another issue that can arise if the digitizers aren’t well-skilled or not experienced enough. The key here is to have the understanding of just the right volume of compensation required (the difference between too much and too little is important). A poorly calculated compensation can result in various distortions including sticking out of underlay, eventually effective the overall quality of the embroidery design.

4. Improper Stitch Density

Well last but not least this is yet again a common issue for embroidery digitizing orders, which again stems from lack of experience and skills on the part of digitizers. Remember, the stitch density is one of the core aspects that will influence the overall quality of the embroidery digitizing services. The right density will depend upon various factors including the fabric type, layering amongst others. Thereby, when you are ordering your embroidery digitizing needs, make sure you choose an experienced and skilled agency that can deliver the task aptly.

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