With a highly experienced and expert digitizing team, 360 Digitizing Solutions is providing cost-effective & quality Embroidery Digitizing Services with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We have been providing Custom Digitizing, Logo Digitizing, Jacket Back Digitizing, Applique Digitizing, 3D Puff Digitizing, Left Chest Logo Digitizing, Sleeve Logo Digitizing, Cap Logo Digitizing and complete Embroidery Digitizing Services for the number of years with a huge range of clientele worldwide.



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We understand your needs when it comes to Embroidery Digitizing. To ensure you get the quality embroidery Results. We are able to provide you with almost all digitizing formats. Check out the List of formats we can provide.


For the first time in Online Embroidery Digitizing, 360 Digitizing is offering 9000 FREE STITCHES on YOUR FIRST ORDER. This is what you can avail on your first order of 15000 stitches. You can save flat 9$ USD on your first order. 

ABOUT US - 360 Digitizing Solutions Company -

If digitizing is a mountain – we are safely located at its summit. With our highly expert, technically superior and incredibly fast services, we are at the heart of digitizing services in USA, Canada, UK! We have been around for quite some time – though we aren’t as old as your nanny, still we have managed to gather over a decade of experience. All these years we have maintained a transparent and highly respected relation with all our clients. We aren’t just a high quality digitizing company, rather we take ourselves as your partner in digitizing needs (well we won’t be asking you for partnership in your business revenue though).

While you deal with 360 Digitizing Solutions Company, you can be sure of dealing with professionals who know their work well and who know how to deliver assigned tasks; the right way. We make sure each and every digitizing work is completed with utmost care and attention to details.






With Expertise and Experience!




9000 FREE STITCHES(On Order of 16000 Stitches, We will charge you for 7000 Stitches)

$7 USD (minimum order)

$150 (maximum order)

$5 USD URGENT SERVICE (two to six-hour turnaround)

NORMAL TURNAROUND TIME  (six to twelve hours)



FREE (within 30 Days)

$5 (after 30 Days)

MAJOR EDITING (depends on job)

$8 (cap to flat or flat to cap)
& not made by 360 digitizing, depends on the job.

FILE EDITING (not made by 360 digitizing, depends on the job)

$2.99 FILE FORMAT CONVERSION (not made by 360 digitizing)

Work Quality - Sewout!


Custom Digitizing                        

Somethings are best-made custom

A custom digitizing for embroidery is your perfect solution for business growth. 360 digitizing solutions have been delivering exceptionally made custom embroidery digitizing files for clothes, jackets, bags, uniforms, caps. When we talk about custom embroidery digitizing services, we aren’t referring to stock production but about highly customized and personalized embroidery solutions.

A leading custom digitizing Services Company, we understand the inimitable aspects of each design. Our expert digitizers are able to comprehend to each and every intricacy involved in design masterly – bringing out the best artwork for you. Since there are no auto-digitization processes, we are able to produce custom embroidery digitizing file of highest quality by carefully addressing any subtle curves or complexities in the design.

We aren’t just limited to small orders, rather have full capacity to carryout large scale custom digitizing for embroidery. We have been offering our quality services to individuals, SME businesses as well as large organizations in USA, UK and Canada. You can check-out our detailed portfolio for custom embroidery digitizing services on our website.

Don’t forget to get in touch with us and discuss your custom embroidery digitizing assignment with our expert digitizers for a free quotation.

Jacket Back Digitizing

Jackets are one of the most exclusive and personalized clothing items. Now you can transform your jacket the way you want with our professional jacket back embroidery digitizing services. Jacket back digitizing for embroidery is highly popular among youth. You can also bring out the artist in you with our customized jack back digitizing services.

Jacket back embroidery digitizing is slightly different from other digitizing aspects, as you need to work for a fabric that’s totally different from any other fabric. Our highly competent and dedicated digitizers make sure you get stunning designs and artwork with precision every time. Our state-of-the-art technology and highly experienced digitizers know how to compensate for any stretching of fabric, so you can be absolutely sure of the design quality.

Well, there’s no stopping us from bulky assignments. Irrespective of the volume of work, we have the capacity and zeal to deliver unmatched quality and superior standard for all jacket back embroidery digitizing needs. We have been serving many national and international businesses in USA, UK, and Canada and have worked with all forms of business models. So, simply get in touch with our experts and let us help you get the most astonishing jacket back digitizing for embroidery.

Left Chest Logo Digitizing

What can be more conforming and charming than to wear your style all the time? Each one of us is different and we all love being able to reveal our true-self in any form. Tattoos, body art and custom logo digitizing is all part of the bigger picture – enabling us to bring out our imaginative, artistic and rebel character.

360 digitizing solutions is now offering affordable left chest logo digitizing for embroidery. No matter how complex the design, our competent digitizers are fully capable of getting you high quality left chest logo digitizing for embroidery. We are accepting all file formats including jpg, PSD, PNG, etc. In fact, our smart digitizers will be able to comprehend to even a rough hand drawn sketch. So there’s simply no stopping you here!

While dealing with 360 digitizing solutions, be sure of dealing with the best and highly professional left chest logo digitizing company. We have been serving individuals, fashion-industry and businesses in USA, UK and Canada for many years and have experienced of working with every business model. Since there is no auto-digitize mode in our setup, you can be sure of getting the precise details in your artwork. We make sure to comprehend to each and every intricacy and complexity involved in the design.

Yes, you are the right spot at the moment. All you gotta do is simply send us your order online and we will give you a free quotation within no time!

Textile Embroidery Digitizing

Textile embroidery is a highly competitive industry and you need to be at your toes all the time to succeed here. The evolution of textile digitizing for embroidery has further the competition here and now more and more businesses are looking for high quality and standard to succeed in the industry.

Guess what? You are exactly where you need to be! 360 digitizing solutions is one of the very best textile embroidery digitizing company services hundreds of clients in USA, UK and Canada. We have one of the largest and contemporary infrastructure in place to ensure seamless operations and persistence.

Now you can send all your embroidery designs and artwork online and we will get you a high quality digitized file in no time. To facilitate businesses in their operations, we have put in place a really simple, efficient and effective system where you can simple send and receive your orders as per your liking. All you got to do is to send us your order online and we will get back to you in no time with a free quotation. Once we are in terms over quotation, we will proceed with the order and deliver you highest quality and standard textile digitizing files for embroidery. We are accepting all formats for images and delivering all major vector embroidery machine readable formats.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s your chance to excel and climb the success ladder swiftly!

3D Puff Logo Digitizing

3D puff digitizing for embroidery is one of the most stunning form of embroidery digitization with a foam underlining is used to achieve 3D effect. 3D puff embroidery digitizing is highly popular among businesses who are looking to market their products / services over hats, T-shirts, Jackets etc. Different varieties of foams can be used to achieve desired quality and effect for 3D puff digitizing for embroidery. At 360 digitizing solutions, we are well equipped with contemporary technology and infrastructure to help you with all forms of 3D puff digitizing services.

To ensure superior quality and standards, we have an entirely dedicated department dealing with 3D puff embroidery digitizing for caps, jackets, T-shirts and other clothing items. We have exclusive embroidery machines with cap attachments dedicated to roll-out samples and quality management. Our multi-layer quality control and management ensure you get the highest quality and standard file every time.

Now, you have a chance to get highly customize and trusted 3D puff digitizing for embroidery within your budgetary limits. We have full capacity to take-on bulk orders and well as dedicated digitizers to work on individual projects. Each and every assignment is dealt with extreme care and complete responsibility. So, send us your files today and explore the unlimited possibilities with 360 digitizing solutions.

Applique Digitizing Services                  

Applique logo digitizing is the ornamental stuff for clothing. In fact, businesses are looking for quality applique digitizing services for ornamentation of bags, jackets, shirts, jeans and literally every other decorative or clothing item you can imagine. 360 digitizing solutions is providing affordable, high quality and persistent applique logo digitizing services to individuals and businesses in USA, UK and Canada. We can help you get some truly mesmerizing and enthralling digitized applique designs. Not to forget we aren’t just an applique logo digitizing company, rather we are also a leading embroidery digitizing company delivering all aspects of digitization. That’s what makes us your ideal choice when it comes to quality applique digitizing company.

Now you can fill your wardrobe with stunning designs and artworks – adding the beauty and charm of your wardrobe significantly. Our professionals and expert digitizers can help your with creating a master applique design for any fabric embellishment.

Here’s you have the best deal to get your hands around. You are on the right site dealing with one of the most professionals and accomplished applique embroidery digitizing company in USA, UK and Canada. Rest assure of our professionalism when it comes to quality management and timely delivery of designs. So stop wasting your time and get it touch with our professional digitizers today!

Company Logo Digitizing

Company logo digitizing for embroidery isn’t just an aesthetic feature. It’s an ideal and affordable solution for businesses and companies looking to market their brands or increase their visibility. Businesses can enhance their brand recognition by getting their company logo over bags, cups, t-shirts, shirts, jacket backs and any other clothing or decorative items. It’s a perfect way of brand management and marketing.

With a high quality company logo embroidery digitizing service, you can market your company 24/7 without spending anything. It won’t only help in maintaining the professional look of your company, rather your logo will be worn 24/7 provided you get it embroidered over casual wears.

360 digitizing solutions is one of the leading logo embroidery digitizing company offering high quality and affordable services to businesses and industries in USA, UK and Canada. Simply, send us your company logo and our digitizers will be get you an aesthetically designed company logo digitizing file for embroidery.




I am running a sports club in the USA and working with these guys for about 3 years. I am highly satisfied with their quality of work, customer service and turnaround time. Highly Recommended.

Ray Zack

Highly professional, experienced and skilled digitizers. Excellent customer support, Its been long time I’m working with 360 Digitizing Solutions. Highly recommended to everyone.

Jeff Leonard 




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