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Left Chest Logo Digitizing Service for Embroidery

Every time you see an aesthetic logo, design or print embroidered anywhere, you should know it’s there because of embroidery digitizing. Digitizing is a specialized art of transforming raster designs / artworks into digital (vector) formats, so it can be embroidered on to shirts, jeans, bags, jackets, hats or anywhere else.

Left Chest Embroidery Digitizing:

For individuals who want to stand out among the lot or for businesses who are looking to market their brand or increase their visibility, left chest digitizing services a great technique. A good design and digitized logo stand-out over the left chest – giving more visibility and brand recognition.
Now you can also define your own style or market your brand with our expert left chest digitizing services. 360 digitizing solutions is offering flat rates and guaranteed quality for all left chest digitizing solutions. You can also workout the right design for digitization with our expert digitizers.

How we digitize your work?

  • Examination of your design/artwork

Before commencing with any order, we closely examine and analyze your design and lookout for any intricacies or special requirements in the design.

  • A sample file is created

To ensure quality management, we offer sample work for proofing. You can see for yourself the design and ask for any modification or changes required.

  • You get your digitized file

Once you are satisfied with the sample design, we then proceed with the rest of the assignment and deliver you an assignment at the earliest.

Remember, there’s nothing more important for an embroidery work than the quality of digitization. Our professional and well-experienced digitizers have delivered exceptional quality embroidery digitizing services to marketing companies, fashion industry businesses and individuals. We are offering all major embroidery machine-readable file formats, while you can also request any specific format.

A Quality Embroidery Digitizing Company

We are one of the leading embroidery digitizing companies offering quality services to customers in USA, UK and Canada. Over the years, we have earned respect and recommendations of thousands of customers from USA, UK and Canada. This is why we are really proud to call ourselves a truly mastered embroidery digitizing experts.

Dedicated Digitizers

In order to ensure quality and seamless operations, we have teams of digitizers who work in clost collaboration with clients. Each and every order (irrespective of work volume) is assigned its own dedicated digitizer so as to maintain a close working relationship with customers. You can always get in touch with your assigned digitizer and discuss every aspect of your customized embroidery digitization need.

No matter how expert a company is, without proper and efficient communication there is no route to success. This is why we have made a team of highly courteous, trained and dedicated customer representatives; ready to deliver you right advice every time you need. Our customer service staff is available all the time and you can even access your personal digitizer. This constant and reliable line of communication help not only in achieving the right quality of digitization, but also helps built customer trust. Our digitizers are available to be contacted directly, so you can have detailed progress reports and see for yourself as your artwork is being transformed into digitized file. Perhaps this is the best way we can serve you better and build your confidence over our service.

Quality Assurance

We have put in place strict quality management practices with multi-layered quality checking. Even a sample file has to pass quality management layers before it is presented to customer for proofing. This is why our custom embroidery digitizing services come with guarantee of superior quality and service standard.

Available Formats:

We are offering all major embroidery machine readable formats including EMB, TAP, PCS, CSD, JEF, EXP etc. We highly encourage our customers to inform us with the format needed at the beginning of the process, so as to avoid any unnecessary delays.