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Applique Digitizing Services for Embroidery

Our applique digitizing services are aimed to offer business owners and fashion designers a unique subtle edge of delicacy, intricacy, and exquisiteness for their clothing line and boutiques. We offer Our Digitizing Services online all over the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and anywhere in the world.


360 Digitizing Solutions Offering quality assured and best Applique Digitizing services for embroidery. We Offer our services in just $0.90/1000 Stitches.

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Make your brand stand-out among competitors:

Applique digitizing can add a charm and exclusiveness to any and all clothing items. Whether you want it for your fashion line or decorative item, our professional and quality digitizing services can help you out in all aspects. 360 digitizing services are now offering fastest, affordable and high-quality applique digitizing services – to let your business grow naturally.

360 Applique digitizing

Applique digitizing is a great way to add exquisiteness and appeal to everyday clothing. With our high-quality reverse applique digitizing services you can now decorate your everyday clothing items with mesmerizing embroidery, designs, logos, messages and almost anything you like. Moreover, our traditional applique digitizing services can help you with beaded lace applique and embroidery applique that serves perfectly with gowns and clothing for special occasions.

Here’s why proudly stand tall:


If there is one thing that we never compromise on, it’s the quality of our work. We are proud to call ourselves as true American digitizing company based and operated from the USA. Our expert digitizers are trained to digitize efficiently and carefully, without missing on even a single stitch. For us, a prodigious design which isn’t sewn properly is a wasted design and for that purpose, we ensure our digitizers adhere to strictest quality control measures every time.

Our digitizes will take care of every subtle curve and intricacy involved in the design and work with you to get the right set of designs that work perfectly over your machines. To ensure quality at every stage, we offer you proofing sample of the work before finalizing. You can add or modify design at this stage while we still carry out the necessary operations. Once you approved the design, we will start digitizing it with the most considerate approach. Be assured, you won’t find many digitizing companies in the USA working with the same level of passion and dedication to get your work done.

Responsive Customer Service

No matter how expert a company is, without proper and efficient communication there is no route to success. This is why we have made a team of highly courteous, trained and dedicated customer representatives; ready to deliver you right advice every time you need. Our customer service staff is available all the time and you can even access your personal digitizer.

This constant and reliable line of communication help not only in achieving the right quality of digitization but also helps build customer trust. Our digitizers are available to be contacted directly, so you can have detailed progress reports and see for yourself as your artwork is being transformed into digitized file. Perhaps this is the best way we can serve you better and build your confidence over our service.