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 Logo Embroidery Digitizing Formats

Explore Our Array of Embroidery Digitizing Formats:

Embroidery Digitizing Formats: Unleash Your Creativity with Precision

At 360 Digitizing Solutions, we believe that your embroidery projects deserve nothing less than perfection. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of embroidery digitizing formats, each designed to ensure that your designs are brought to life with exceptional precision and clarity. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional embroiderer, our diverse formats cater to every need.

Tajima (*.DST)

Ideal for Tajima embroidery machines, the DST format is an industry-standard that guarantees seamless compatibility. Intricate designs and complex patterns are flawlessly executed, making it perfect for sophisticated projects.

Melco (.CND) / Melco (.EXP)

Specifically crafted for Melco machines, both the CND and EXP formats offer impeccable design reproduction. Whether you choose CND or EXP, your designs will maintain their smallest details and achieve unparalleled results.

Deco, Brother, Babylock (*.PES)

Compatible with Deco, Brother, and Babylock machines, the PES format ensures vibrant stitch clarity. Your embroidery will stand out and captivate, retaining its essence and intricacy.

Wilcom (.EMB) / V9 (.EMB)

Wilcom users can take advantage of multiple formats tailored to their needs. Whether you’re using Wilcom V9, ESS, or ESL, rest assured that your designs will be accurately represented and skillfully embroidered.

Wilcom PLauen (.T10) / Wilcom Saurer (.T15)

For those utilizing Wilcom PLauen and Wilcom Saurer machines, our formats ensure the translation of your designs into exquisite embroidery. The T10 and T15 formats preserve your design’s essence with precision.

Hiraoka DAT (.DAT) / Hiraoka VEP (.VEP)

Hiraoka users can experience embroidery excellence with our DAT and VEP formats. Achieve superior results on your Hiraoka machine, capturing every detail flawlessly.

Saurer SLC (.SAS) / Time and Space MJD (.MJD)

For Saurer SLC and Time and Space MJD machine users, our formats guarantee a seamless transition from design to embroidery. Your creations will maintain their integrity on fabric.

Barudan (.DSB) / ZSK (.DSZ) / ZSK TC(*.Z??)

Barudan and ZSK users can select from a variety of formats tailored to their needs. DSZ, DSB, and Z?? ensure that your Barudan or ZSK machine brings your designs to life with accuracy.

Toyota (.10O) / Barudan (.U??) / Pfaff (*.KSM)

Toyota, Barudan, and Pfaff users can choose formats that guarantee top-notch results. Whether you’re using a Toyota, Barudan, or Pfaff machine, your embroidery will shine.

Happy (.TAP) / Tajima (.T01) / Barudan (*.T03)

Experience excellence with Happy, Tajima, and Barudan formats. TAP, T01, and T03 ensure your designs are transformed into vibrant embroidery, reflecting your creativity.

Zangs (.T04) / ZSK (.T05) / Compucon (*.XXX)

Zangs, ZSK, and Compucon users can rely on our formats for exceptional outcomes. Whether it’s T04, T05, or XXX, your designs will be flawlessly embroidered.

Artista Design V4.0 (.ART) / V3.0 (.ART) / V2.0 (.ART) / V1.0 (.ART)

For Artista Design users, we offer a range of formats that ensure your artistic vision is preserved. Whether it’s ART V4.0, V3.0, V2.0, or V1.0, your designs will shine.

Explorations Projects (.ART42) / Explorations Templates (.AMT42)

Maximize your potential with Explorations Projects and Templates. Our ART42 and AMT42 formats allow your creative explorations to come to life with accuracy.

Janome/Elna/Kenmore (.SEW) / Janome/Elna/Kenmore (.JEF)

Janome, Elna, and Kenmore users can select from SEW and JEF formats. Achieve impressive stitch outcomes that reflect your vision and expertise.

Husqvarna/Viking (.HUS) / Deco, Brother, Babylock (.PEC)

Choose HUS for Husqvarna/Viking machines and PEC for Deco, Brother, and Babylock machines. These formats ensure that your designs are flawlessly embroidered, showcasing every detail.

Pfaff (.PCS) / Pfaff (.PCD) / Pfaff (*.PCQ)

Pfaff users can elevate their embroidery with PCS, PCD, and PCQ formats. Your designs will be transformed into captivating stitches on your Pfaff machine.

Poem, Huskygram, Singer (*.CSD)

For Poem, Huskygram, and Singer machines, our CSD format ensures that your embroidery designs retain their charm and intricacy.

At 360 Digitizing Solutions, we’re committed to providing you with the perfect canvas for your embroidery creations. With our extensive range of embroidery digitizing formats, you can rest assured that your designs will come to life with unmatched precision and craftsmanship. Choose the format that suits your machine and let your creativity flourish like never before.

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Elevate your branding, apparel, or team spirit to new heights with our top-tier Logo Embroidery Digitizing services. At 360 Digitizing Solutions, we go above and beyond to surpass your anticipations, delivering unmatched craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

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Throughout our journey, we have gained the confidence of countless clients across the globe, ranging from businesses and sports teams to fashion designers and individuals.


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Benefits for Our Clients

By choosing 360 Digitizing Solutions, you can be confident in receiving exceptional digitized files that enhance your brand image, elevate your embroidery projects, and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Experience the benefits of our reliable and trusted digitizing services, designed to exceed your expectations and bring your embroidery ideas to life with finesse.

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Our customer-centric approach means that we are always available to assist you on live chat or email support. Our dedicated customer support team is ready to answer your queries, address any concerns, and provide guidance throughout the digitizing process, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience.


Premium Quality Digitizing

At 360 Digitizing Solutions, we prioritize quality above all else. Our team of highly skilled and experienced digitizers ensures that every logo is digitized with precision and attention to detail, resulting in top-notch embroidery files that reflect the integrity of the original design.


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For businesses and organizations, custom embroidery patches add a touch of professionalism to uniforms and promotional items. They create a sense of unity among employees or members and increase brand visibility.


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Wherever you are in the world, our online platform makes it easy for you to access our services and submit your designs hassle-free.


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We’ve streamlined our ordering process to be quick and hassle-free. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way, from design consultation to the final product delivery.


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