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Cap Logo Digitizing Service for Embroidery

Cap logo digitizing is a highly specialized and different aspect of embroidery digitizing services. It is also one of the most problematic techniques where mastered digitizing skills are required to avoid any pitfalls. Any languid attitude towards cap logo digitization can mess up the total artwork.
Two of the more common cap logo designs include: structured caps and unstructured caps.

Structured Cap Digitizing

In terms of embroidery digitizing services, structured caps refer to six panel caps. For structured cap logo digitizing, two important aspects to remember include, starting from the bottom to the top of the cap and from the middle section towards the far ends of the caps. This technique for cap logo digitizing is also referred to as center out technique.

Unstructured Caps Digitizing

In terms of embroidery digitizing services, unstructured caps refer to five panel caps. The embroidery digitizing for these caps are not bound by center out technique, mainly due to the reason that these caps fit precisely within the cap frame. However, due to the non-stiff underneath fabric, the fabric for unstructured caps tends to shift more than the structured caps and have to be adjusted accordingly.

Aesthetic Cap Digitizing!

There aren’t many companies that can beat our quality and standard when it comes to cap logo embroidery digitizing services. We are one of the leading custom embroidery digitizing Services Company delivering high quality digitization to businesses in USA, UK and Canada.
Our highly trained and expert digitizers are well aware of the intricacies and deliberations involved in cap logo digitization. Irrespective of the cap structure or design size, we can help you get the most aesthetic and high quality digital design just right for your cap logo marketing.

360 Digitizing Solutions – Experts at your service

We feel proud to call ourselves a true and honest embroidery digitizing company. You can always trust our experts to deliver you top notch and high-quality embroidery digitization services irrespective of the volume of the work.

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Contemporary infrastructure:

We have one of the largest and contemporary in-house infrastructure for embroidery digitizing services. To ensure seamless operations, we have divided our digitizers into specialized teams so you can have the assurance of working with a highly trained and experienced digitizers.

State-of-the-art technology:

We have incorporated latest and industry standard embroidery digitizing software, so as to ensure superior quality and service standard. We accept all raster artwork formats even a rough sketch, while we are offering all major vector embroidery machines’ readable formats. You can request for any specific format.

Market Competitive pricing:

At 360 digitizing solutions, we find ourselves liable to support local businesses and new-startups in their quest for business generation. This is why we have put-forth most transparent and affordable pricing for all embroidery digitizing services.
You can have a detail look at the pricing of individual services at our website or also demand a free quotation by sending us your artwork / design. Not to forget to avail amazing discounts of first time orders and bulk orders!

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