Jacket Back Embroidery Digitizing

Well, the winters are coming… the winds are getting colder, and the leaves are turning colors. People are getting ready to pull out their jackets and coats.

And as the winter approaches, embroidery digitizing companies brace themselves to make some quick cash with customized jacket back embroidery digitizing services.

Honestly, coats and jacket back embroidery digitizing services when done the right way is good money makers for digitizing services companies as well as attractive for customers.

Jacket back digitizing is more expensive than general embroidery digitizing services, while when the customer is looking for a bigger design, it simply translates into even more profit.

So, are you ready to maximize your profits these winters with exquisite jacket back embroidery digitizing services?
Below we have come up with some great tips that will help you master the art of jacket back embroidery digitizing services and offer your customers with stunning designs.

  1.  Stabilizing and hooping

    Choosing the right stabilizer is one of the most important things, whenever looking to start any jacket back embroidery digitizing job. Fortunately, choosing the right stabilizer for jackets isn’t much difficult. If you are working with a lightweight/windbreaker coats/jackets you could choose a simple sheet of tearaway stabilizer, whereas, when working with heavy jackets, you don’t really need any stabilizer at all.

    One important consideration when choosing a stabilizer is the elasticity of the stretch limit or the item. For heavy/thick jackets, there is a little stretch on offer, plus with already much lining, there is little to no use of adding any more layers. If you are still concerned with the distortion, you can always throw a single sheet or tearaway stabilizer and rest assure of its sufficiency. The only time when you would actually need a proper cutaway stabilizer is when you would be working with stretchy knit jackets.

    Moving on, hopping is definitely one challenging aspect of the jacket back embroidery digitizing opposite to stabilizer selection. Most of the time, embroidery digitizing companies don’t have a decent frame board template that fits the back-hoop size of jackets. To further exacerbate the difficulties, there aren’t many references available for jacket embroidery digitizing. A good practice here is to buy a decent framing template for the framing board. You don’t need to go with the fanciest template, just choose the perfect size for the jacket to be able to apply adequate downward pressed.

  2.  Lining it Up

    The whole purpose of using the best hopping frame is to bring in consistent alignment in your design for jacket back embroidery digitizing services. Remember, jackets are tricky to get aligned, especially when you are dealing with jackets with little to no seams or marks. Center seams are always of great help for embroidery digitizers that help them align the design, and with most jackets offering seam up around the shoulders, these can be great to make a great straight line of reference. The only aspect to consider here is to ensure that the design stays below the shoulder seam to get the best alignment.

    If you are working with jackets with no seams or reference marks, you will have to mark your center of the design. The best practice is to put the center mark some 7 to 10 inches down the neck. However, this will mostly depend on the design of the jacket.

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