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Embroidery digitizing is one popular art to get customized designs and artwork done over your clothing. Individuals, teams and corporations have relied over quality embroidery digitizing services to get their complex designs done professionally.

Wear your style!

Here’s your chance to bring out the real you with our exquisite side sleeve embroidery digitizing services. Our expert digitizers can help you get the most complex and intricate designs digitize masterly, so you can portray the true you.

Looking for your brand marketing? Our left sleeve digitization can help you stand out among competitors!

In a world where each and every business is after visibility and brand marketing, our specialized side sleeve digitizing services bring you a unique opportunity to get recognition and visibility. Where most companies aim at chest marketing, an exotic side sleeve label or log will surely make you stand out from others.

What’s different in here?

Embroidery digitizing services come with a whole set of services, each technique is unique and required master digitizers to get it done. Side sleeve digitization is one of the relatively new techniques in industry that specifically concentrate on designs and artwork to be imprinted over your sleeves. At 360 digitizing, we have some of the most amazing and master digitizers working over contemporary software to get your assignment done. Our digitizers pay utmost attention to each and every detail to ensure the highest quality digitized file for you.

360 Digitizing – Professional. Affordable. Reliable

We can present numerous reasons to choose us as your embroidery digitizing partner. However, we would like to share only few reasons that we are really proud of.

Firstly and really proudly, we are an American company based and operated within USA. If you have dealt with some digitizing company located somewhere far away beyond oceans, you must have realize the cumbersome and frustration involved in dealing with such companies. 360 digitizing is one of the leading embroidery digitizing companies based in USA. We have our physical presence in this country which means you can always visit our office and witness our expertise first hand. We will be more than happy to show you our contemporary infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities at our office.

Secondly, as a Expert Digitizing Company we believe in honesty and integrity for all our services. We have a strict code of conduct for our services and believe in delivering highest quality services and transparency to our customers. Contrary to many embroidery digitizing companies, we are open to unlimited changes for our digitized filed – when and where required. You can ask for any changes or modifications required in initial design at any stage and we will be happy to incorporate it. Guess what? We aren’t even going break into your account for our services.

Order now and get amazing discounts and deals

We are growing and we want to get you along us. This is why we are extending amazing discounts and deals for our services. To support local businesses and new startups, we are offering straight 50% off for first time orders.

So, grab this opportunity when you still can and let us know how we can help you with your next side sleeve digitizing project. Call us now or book your assignment online!