Halloween is a great fun holiday that’s enjoyed by all. However, I really feel like that the season doesn’t get its due attention. I mean it’s a holiday with no vacation (I hate this the most) or no dedicated songs/folklore and most of all, it falls on one of the busiest times of the year, leaving most people with a short time to get prepared.
For most people, preparing for Halloween remains a challenge as they find themselves out of time and out of ideas to prepare. But, this shouldn’t be the reason to skip to the activities of the festival, right?

Keeping in view the pressing need of masses for quick Halloween costumes, many embroidery digitizing service agencies have started offering discount packages for AI to DST (vector to embroidery), logo digitizing and custom digitizing services.

We don’t get many days to goof around all dressed up weirdly at work and when you do get one (think Halloween), there is no way you can let it go like this.

Below we have come up with some great Halloween costume ideas for digital marketers and tech geeks that you can work around with embroidery digitizing companies using their AI to DST, logo digitizing or custom digitizing services.

So, check out our list below and I am sure you will find an inspirational idea for your Halloween costume.

1. Copycat

“CTRL + C” perhaps it’s one of the most relatable keyboard macros almost everyone uses to copy items from one place to the other. Well, here’s out tech spin-off for this Halloween. Get yourself a tee with “CTRL + C” writer yeah you can easily have one from most embroidery digitizing company’s AI to DST services. Now, buy cat ears plus make whiskers using eyeliner and you are done being a Copycat.

2. The blue screen of death – Halloween Costume 2019

Ok, if there is one screen all tech geeks hate most it’s definitely the blue screen of tech. In fact, even the most naïve computer users are afraid of this screen. How about getting yourself dressed up with this “Blue Screen of Death”, I am user your colleagues would be terrified looking at you. Go on for embroidery digitizing services to get the digitized form of the screen and have it embroidered on your blue color t-shirt. I am sure that even the blue color would be enough to terrify your colleagues.

3. Dead Battery and Wi-Fi

If you got a best friend at work, this will be a fun idea. I mean what can be more terrifying than to have a dead battery with no Wi-Fi?
Here’s the deal, contact an embroidery digitizing firm and ask them to create a digitized file for a dead battery and a down Wi-Fi. I prefer using a black t-shirt to get it printed. To add even more fear and demon in your appearance, put on some zombie make-up and bang! You are all set to terrify your techy friends and colleagues.

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