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The Covid-19 has sent shockwaves to the entire business and industry. The global pandemic has almost jeopardized the growth and sustainability of businesses; as the world struggles to save lives from this vicious pandemic. The case with embroidery digitizing businesses is no different as agencies were forced to shut down their operations during the peak of the pandemic and even today most of the agencies struggle to find embroidery digitizing or logo digitizing work.

However, things aren’t too bleak either. Even if today the market has stalled, take it as temporary because eventually, the market will bounce back to its normalcy once we are over the pandemic and life returns to normal.

Here are some ideas that you can adopt for digitizing for the embroidery business to keep up during this economic recession and utilize it to prepare for a major bounce back.

Get Training

Think about some new technique or application that you have long wanted to learn but weren’t able to take out time before the pandemic due to work pressure. There are various new embroidery digitizing techniques that you may have been missing till now, and since the workload is almost non-existent nowadays, this is perhaps the best time to improve your digitizing for embroidery skills. The world has gone digital during these pandemic days and you will find ample videos and tutorials online to help you learn new techniques. Even if you believe you got it all covered for the technical embroidery digitizing skills, you can use the free time to hone your other business skills like marketing (we will discuss it later), sales, leadership, and others. Similarly, you can invest this time to train the staff for new logo digitizing or embroidery digitizing techniques.

All in all, instead of worrying about the recession, take it as an opportunity to restructure your business and prepare for the big bounce back in the coming months.

Adjust Marketing

You can’t stop marketing to save money just like you can’t save time by stopping the watch, this is perhaps the most motivational sentence I discovered online.

Ok, in the practical world it might be rational to conserve money by cutting back on some areas, however, utterly cutting the marketing budget isn’t the right option for your embroidery digitizing businesses. Instead, you should look out for some creative marketing techniques where you may get faster and higher ROIs. For instance, many businesses like 360 Digitizing [#GetAFlat20%Off] are offering massive discounts on their first logo digitizing and digitizing for embroidery services orders. These offers are a great way to keep things running.

Also, I believe this is the perfect time to review your online presence and make it more structured. Start with your website and see if it is aptly designed and developed for your customers. Ask reviews from friends or colleagues about the website and incorporate any necessary changes to make it more appealing. Make sure the website delivers the right message and vision of your business and the products you offered.

Apart from the website, this is also the best time to revitalize your presence over social media platforms. If you aren’t already present on social media, you have been missing a massive market and now you got time you should start investing time and resources to create a robust and dynamic social media presence. Make sure you share your products, technology, and other KPIs with customers over social media and respond to queries timely.

Investing in Equipment and Software

Lastly, this is also a great time to reequip your company with the latest machines or software that you have eyed for a long. Since the business is stalled, for the most part, you are sure to get the best deal for any equipment or software if you buy it now. Check out some of the tempting deals offered by embroidery digitizing machines manufacturers or software developers and you are sure to get a killer deal.

As said before, we will eventually get over this pandemic period. In most likely cases, take this recession period as a rubber band which will eventually bounce back once the pressure is released. However, until we get over this period, it’s important to stay safe and ensure the safety of your employees as well. 


Perhaps this is the easiest way out for hard-hit embroidery digitizing businesses to sustain this difficult recession period. Since the workload is almost negligible, it’s not feasible for most businesses to hire in-house digitizers, however, letting go of the few orders which may come is also detrimental for business reputation. Thereby, the easiest way out for businesses is to outsource the digitizing needs to a professional and experienced embroidery digitizing agency, who can handle your orders with professionalism, supporting you to make it through this difficult phase.