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What is embroidery digitizing?

Embroidery digitizing is the process of converting artwork or any design into an embroidery machine-readable format. It’s a complex process that involved various steps that should be followed with precision to ensure the integrity and quality of the embroidery design. Professional embroidery digitizing companies like 360 Digitizing, takes the original artwork or desired designs (logo, text, or other design work) from the clients which needed to be embroidered on the garment or any merchandise. Before starting digitizing for the embroidery process, the agencies also ask clients about the fabric on which the design will be embroidered, as this is important information to adjust the digitizing details. Once they have complete information about the embroidery work, expert digitizers start converting the design into digital format in a stitch guide file.

At 360 Digitizing, we employ only the most experienced, expert, and highly skilled digitizers working with the latest embroidery digitizing software to come up with a precise file keeping the integrity of the design intact. Some of our services include logo digitizing, 3D puff digitizing, left chest digitizing, jacket back digitizing, cap logo digitizing, and others.

Once the digitized file is ready, it can be used with embroidery machines to get the design embroidered onto the fabric. The output file for embroidery digitizing services may vary in formats depending on the machine used by the customers. Most professional embroidery digitizing agencies offer all major output formats to ensure easy compatibility for clients.

Important of embroidery digitizing

Embroidery plays a key role in marketing and promotion for businesses. Also, individuals are always after aesthetically pleasing and uniquely embroidered garments that reflect their personality and character. The key to high-quality embroidery lies with the quality, precision, and integrity of the embroidery digitized files. Any flaws in the digitized file will eventually lead to faulty embroidery on garments & merchandise; damaging the reputation of businesses; as well as, leading to financial loss.

Thereby, it’s important to choose reliable, consistent, and expert digitizing for embroidery services that can help create the precise digitized files for the design. The stitch density, preciseness, and other technicalities set out in the embroidery digitizing files act as the guide for machine embroidery, and thereby, you can’t compromise anything less than the perfect.

Benefits of outsourcing embroidery digitizing needs

Now that you know much about the process of embroidery digitizing and its importance for businesses; let’s see some reasons why you should outsource your needs for embroidery digitizing:

  1. Cost-effective: 

Embroidery is a highly competitive industry with nominal business margins and cut-throat competition. And with professional digitizing companies; more and more businesses are able to mass-produce intricate and enchanting embroidery designs for the customers. 

Keeping an in-house digitizing facility may be costly as you would not only have to bear the expenses of full-time digitizers (experienced and expert digitizers come in at a high cost) but also pay for the overhead medical and other expenses of the employees. Further, you would have to pay huge sums for the digitizing software licensing fee, with an annual renewal fee. All of this will significantly increase your production prices, making you incapable of competing with the competitors. 

  1. Time-Saving: 

In today’s competitive world, it’s all about time. Embroidery digitizing is an exhaustive and time-consuming process; especially if you don’t have experienced and expert digitizers; which subsequently leads to business losses. Alternatively, most professional embroidery digitizing companies offer a faster turnaround time for their services. In fact, many agencies offer same-day delivery for logo digitizing, cap logo digitizing, and other small orders, giving you the competitive advantage to enhance your business.

  1. Superior Skills: 

As we said before, digitizing is a complex process and involved various technicalities which can only be completely followed by the most experienced and expert digitizers. Finding such talent for in-house working may be too expensive and impractical for businesses. Thereby, when you outsource your embroidery digitizing needs, you not only save time and money but also get access to an expert digitizer with far superior skills to produce exceptionally precise and high integrity embroidery digitizing files.