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In this day and date, embroidery designs have become an essential element for all garments and during covid 19, the masks are a great addition to the industry. Individuals like to wear unique embroidered outfits and masks that match their personality and character, whereas, businesses are looking for reliable and efficient embroidery services that can help them with embroidered merchandise for marketing and other purposes.

If you are looking to start your embroidery business and tap into this high-potential market, you need to remember a few important elements to start with. The key to success in embroidery designs is your ability to create the most intricate and elegant designs with the same quality over and over again.

Here in this blog, we have come up with some fundamentals of creating amazing embroidery designs for new businesses. Make sure you start following them wholeheartedly and we are sure you will come up with something that amazes everyone around you and help you to get recognition amongst the customers.

–         Choosing your fabric

The first and the foremost important element you need to decide on is the choice of the fabric. Different fabrics behave differently during machine embroidery and thereby, it’s important to have the complete details about the fabric you are looking to embroidery. For instance, for stretchy fabric, you would have to use a suitable stabilizer to keep up with the quality. Similarly, the stitch density, stabilizers, and other technicalities of the embroidery digitizing file will vary for each fabric.

At 360 Digitizing, we work with plenty of new embroidery businesses to help them understand the technicalities and design requirements for each fabric. We encourage our customers to get in touch with our expert embroidery digitizers and detail them about the use of fabric, so we can create a high-quality and standard embroidery digitizing file.

Get yourself a precise and high-quality embroidery digitized file

The first and foremost important aspect for creating aesthetically pleasing and exquisite machine embroidery designs is to have accurate and high-quality embroidery digitizing files. Digitizing for embroidery is the process of converting any artwork/design into a machine-readable format.

While on the surface embroidery digitizing may appear quite a simple process, in reality, there are a whole lot of technicalities and intricacies involved in the process. The technicalities involved in embroidery digitizing varies greatly with the type of digitizing file including; logo digitizing, left chest digitizing, jacket back digitizing, or other types of digitizing files. Similarly, the choice of fabric, colors and other elements also influence the final output of the machine embroidery digitizing files. Thereby, make sure you hire the most professional and expert embroidery digitizers to get it done for you.


While you may just be starting the embroidery business, you should always stock up on the business supplies including; stabilizers, thread, and other important supplies. This way won’t just be ready to receive any potentially big order, but also save a lot of money when you buy in bulk.

eBay and Craiglist are some great platforms where you can get winning deals on embroidery supplies. Especially nowadays when many businesses are closing out due to Covid-19, you may even get the best deal of all time on the supplies and even perhaps embroidery machines available at unbelievably low prices.