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Looking to up the game for your machine embroidery business? Well, in the world of embroidery designs, it’s all about the quality and exquisiteness of the design that matters. With so many machine embroidery businesses competing in the market, you need to gain a competitive advantage and come out on top in terms of quality. Below, we have come up with some basic tips that will help you keep up the quality of embroidery designs and gain a competitive advantage.

Digitized embroidery design

The first and foremost important aspect that directly influences the quality of embroidery designs is digitized embroidery. Embroidery digitization refers to the process of making embroidery machine-readable embroidery designs. This is achieved by using an embroidery digitizing software, where an expert & experienced digitizer brings into work his skills to create a precise and high-quality digitizing file. 

Since digitizing for embroidery is a specialized field, it is recommended to outsource the needs of digitizing to an experienced and reliable agency. You can easily find various agencies offering all sorts of digitizing services including embroidery digitizing, logo digitizing, cap logo digitizing, 3D puff digitizing, jacket back digitizing, left chest digitizing, and others. 

Make sure you compare services and prices offered by each embroidery digitizing agency to choose the best one. Also, since it’s a crucial aspect of your business, make sure you perform background checks for the reliability and quality standard of the agency. 

Machine Speed

The machine speed is another important factor that influences the quality of the design. Any time I see an embroidery machine going above 850 stitches per minute, I feel cringed. We recommend keeping the machine speed at about 750 stitches per minute (SPM) at max. And in cases, you are working with cap logo digitizing files, reduce it further to 650 or even 600 SPM.

Use Polyester thread

Apart from when you don’t have any choice, you should always avoid using the rayon thread. A polyester thread is a much better alternative for a variety of reasons. It’s a much stronger thread as compared to the rayon thread, while it will also not fade after washing/bleaching. That’s one reason why most experienced machine embroidery design companies have utterly stopped using rayon thread for the washable fabric.

While we aren’t stopping you from using rayon thread altogether, however, wherever possible you should choose a polyester thread to maintain the quality of the design.

Wrong Needles

Even with the best embroidery digitizing file, the right machine speed, and the right thread, using worn-out or wrong needles will utterly destroy the aesthetics of the embroidery design. Remember, wrong needles are lethal for fabric. Using the wrong size or worn-out needles will leave bald boles in the fabric while leaving runs on the knits. Thereby, it’s important to be careful in the selection of needles. If you are working with knits, we recommend using ballpoint needles instead of needles, especially if you are dealing with performance wear knits.

Also, try to change the needle after every 8 hours of stitching or after 2,000,000 stitches; whichever comes before. While this may be a hard task to keep track of, this will help you a long way to keep up with the quality of the embroidery design.

Cheap Supplies

Never try to go with cheap bobbins. This won’t only reduce the operational efficiency of your production, but make it impossible for you to keep an even tension flow; eliminating the aesthetics and quality of the embroidery design. Always choose high-quality and reliable bobbins that are made to last through the job without changing the tension.

Size of Hoop

Lastly, the size of the hoop is also a crucial element that determines the quality of the embroidery design. There is no one size fit all hoop for all embroidery designs. The best approach is to use the smallest hoop which fits the design to keep tension evenly spread across the surface.


The key to high-quality embroidery design is all in the basics. Just keep your basics right and you will be producing stunning embroidery designs for your clients.

At 360 Digitizing, we can help you come up with precise and expertly delivered embroidery digitizing files. Our range of services includes logo digitizing, left chest digitizing, cap logo digitizing, 3D puff digitizing, and many more. Get in touch with our sales representatives to know about exciting deals and discounts on bulk orders.