Buy 32//52/62/72 Sewing Machine Presser Foot Press Feet For Brother Singer Janome Sew Machines Kit Braiding Blind Stitch Over Lock Online


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32//52/62/72 Sewing Machine Presser Foot Press Feet For Brother Singer Janome Sew Machines Kit Braiding Blind Stitch Over Lock

Multifunction Kit

1.100% brand new and high quality
2.Available Sets:11pcs 16pcs 32pcs 35pcs 42pcs 45pcs 48pcs 52pcs 62pcs 72pcs.
4.Beautifully packaged and easy to store. Best gift for your mother,your wife,your friends,etc…
5.Artful home Very popular and different presser feet for most of household multi-functional sewing machines with a low shank, such as For Singer,For Baby Lock, For Brother, For Janome, etc..
6.Each product box has a corresponding presser foot name, so you can also know how to use this presser foot.
The product is not suitable for household old Sewing Machine,mini sewing machine,industrial sewing machine,high handle sewing machine and inclined handle sewing machine.

8.Such as 72pcs You will have

1.Embroidered presser foot(55417p),
2.Presser foot handle JS-001 quick-change 3.presser foot support,
4.Twisted presser foot,
5.Ruler presser foot,
6.Single center straight foot,
7.Advanced presser foot handle 7300F,
8.Single zipper presser foot,
9.Open toe presser foot,
10.High handle presser foot handle(2)7300H,
11.Single Stitch foot,
12.A coarse tucker with five grooves,
13.A eccentric tucker with seven grooves,
14.Single pin pleating foot,
15.A thin material presser foot with a tight stitch,
16.A quarter inch of plastic quilting presser foot,
17.Invisible arc presser foot,
18.Taiwan batching no.4,
19.Taiwan batching no.6,
20.Fanghua’ type 700 presser foot,
21.Fanghua’s type 505 presser foot,
22.Stitch guide foot,
23.Universal presser foot,
24.Zipper foot,
25.Nail Button pressing foot,
26.Plastic invisible zipper presser foot,
27.A9 applique foot,
28.Round bead foot,
29.Iron opens the mouth toe,
30.Sewing presser foot,
31.Satin stitch foot,
32.6mm roll of lace presser foot,
33.Zig zag foot,
34.Open toe embroidery foot,
35.Large opening presser foot,
36.Cording foot,
37.1/4”quilting foot,
38.Braiding foot,
39.Iron foot,
40.Standard press foot,
41.Straight stitch foot,
42.1/4”quilt piecing guide foot,
43.Overcast foot,
44.5 hole cording foot,
45.7 hole cording foot,
46.Edge joining foot,
47.Double welting foot,
48.Invisible zipper foot,
49.Fringe foot,
51.Metal invisible zipper,
52.Adjustable bias tape binder foot,
53.Shirring foot,
54.3mm narrow edge presser foot,
55.6mm wide edge presser foot artful home,
56.3mm roll of lace presser foot,
57.Roller foot,
58.Sewing beads presser foot,
59.Small zipper,
60.Positioning presser foot,
61.Stud side whip stitch,
62.Button holding presser foot,
63.Darning foot low Shank,
64.Blind stitch foot,
65.Darning foot,
66.Zipper foot low Shank,
67.Kint foot,
68.7-groove pintuck foot,
69.9-groove pintuck foot,
70.Iron blind stitch presser foot,
72.No gear side whip stitch.

Additional information

Stitch Formation

Cover Stitch


Household Sewing Machine

Mechanical Configuration


Max. Sewing Thickness

As Show


As Below



Max. Sewing Speed

Braiding Blind Stitch Darning Presser Foot Feet Kit Set

Stitch Length

Chain Stitch

Feed Mechanism


Model Number

Sewing Mashine Tool

Overall Dimensions




fearure 1

sewing machine presser feet

feature 2

multi-functional kit

feature 3

feet presser

feature 4

Braiding Blind Stitch

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