Buy 5 Pcs Sports Fashion Brand logo iron Patches for Clothing Jackets Sew Ironing Embroidery Patch for T Shirt hat Shoes Decor Online


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[Buyers must read] This paragraph is a real macro shot. Affected by objective factors such as light, the product will have a certain color difference. In addition, because each computer monitor is different, the displayed color will be a little different. The actual product shall prevail. The price of the cloth sticker is set according to the size of the picture and the number of stitches. Some customers ask why the price of the cloth sticker of the same size is so different, because different cloth stickers have different stitches and different colors, so the price different.
[How to iron cloth stickers]1: Put the cloth sticker on the position you want to paste first. The side with hot melt glue is attached to the clothes. Do not tear off the glue on the back. Preheat the iron and iron from the front of the cloth sticker for 10-20 seconds. Fixed position of cloth paste. It is also possible to fix the position of the cloth stickers with needle thread before ironing to prevent the cloth stickers from shifting.
2: Turn the fixed position of the cloth sticker together with the clothing, and iron from the reverse side for 30-60 seconds to ensure that the adhesive melts and the cloth sticker is firmly attached to the clothing.
3: Finally, iron from the front for 1-2 minutes, mainly ironing the edges and corners of the cloth stickers to ensure that the surface is smooth and blends perfectly with the clothes.

Note: Cloth stickers with sequins, beads, rhinestones, silk flowers, hair balls, and cloth stickers embroidered with metal threads should be ironed from the reverse side first, and then trim the corners from the front after the cloth stickers are firmly fixed. Damage to sequins or other accessories on the front. Keep the clothes dry and do not spray water on the cloth or clothes when ironing. After the cloth stickers are ironed, they can generally be closely combined with the clothes for a long time. If the cloth sticker comes off after a period of time, or after washing, it means that the iron temperature is too low during ironing or the ironing time is too short. You can repeat the original operation to iron the cloth sticker again or stitch your hands to ensure it does not come off.
If you want BUY LOGO patch.
If you don’t know how to choose the logo patch,
please contact us, we can tell you how to buy logo patch.
what’s number is you want.
Just buy the corresponding number pattern
There are bulk price,extra discount for wholesale.
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1.In order to prevent peers from stealing pictures. We have blurred the image. The purchased objects are more refined.
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