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Exclusive New Year Offer!

Is Now Regular Monthly Subscription Plan!

Get Flat $7 USD Rate for Up to 7 Orders of Logo Embroidery Digitizing Service Per Month.

Flat $7 USD Logo Digitizing

Affordable and unbeatable at $7, transform your logo into stunning embroidery without breaking the bank.

No Stitches Count Limit

Digitize without limits! No constraints on stitches count, ensuring flexibility and creativity in every design.

50% Quota Carry Forward

Unmatched value! Half of your unused quota carries forward, maximizing your investment in digitizing services.

Up to 4.5 Inches Size

Ideal for compact designs! Achieve impeccable embroidery on logos, left chest, monograms, caps, hats, and sleeve logos, all up to 4.5 inches.

How to Get Started:

Unlock Unlimited Stitches Logo Digitizing with Our Discounted Offer Subscription Plan

What’s Included in This Offer? 

Up to 7 Orders of Logo Embroidery Digitizing Service Per Month

With our exclusive subscription plan, you gain the incredible advantage of submitting up to seven logo embroidery digitizing orders every month.

This means unparalleled flexibility for your business, allowing you to address multiple projects, promotions, or client demands without the constraints of traditional per-order pricing.

Whether you have a steady stream of embroidery needs or periodic surges in demand, our subscription ensures you can consistently meet your requirements while enjoying a fixed monthly rate.

Say Goodbye to Stitch Count Worries Experience Simplified Pricing!

Say goodbye to the complexities of stitching count calculations! Our subscription plan liberates you from worrying about the intricate details of your logo’s stitches.

Regardless of the design intricacy, you benefit from unlimited stitches, providing a seamless experience for your logo digitizing needs.

This feature not only simplifies the ordering process but also guarantees transparent and predictable billing.

Enjoy the freedom to choose and design without constraints, knowing that your subscription covers all stitches without additional charges.

Ideal for Cap, Hat, Sleeve &Left Chest-Sized Logos of Up to 4.5 Inches

Tailored to meet the needs of diverse businesses, our subscription plan focuses on left chest-sized logos of up to 4.5 inches.

This specialization ensures that you receive precise and high-quality digitizing for a common placement area.

Whether you’re in the embroidery, promotion, garment manufacturing, or fashion design business, this feature caters to the industry standard, providing a convenient and efficient solution for your logo placement requirements.

Monthly Recurring Subscription for Up to 1 Year

Enjoy the consistency and stability of a monthly recurring subscription that extends for an entire year.

This commitment ensures long-term savings and a hassle-free experience, allowing you to plan your budget effectively.

By opting for a one-year subscription, you not only lock in the discounted rate but also gain peace of mind, knowing that your logo digitizing needs are covered for the foreseeable future.

Embrace the convenience of automatic monthly billing, allowing you to focus on your business while we take care of your digitizing requirements seamlessly throughout the year.

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What They’re Saying About Us

“I can't express how thrilled I am with 360 Digitizing Solutions' monthly Subscription Plan. It's an absolute game-changer for my fashion studio. No stitches count limit means I can focus on designing without worrying about hidden costs. This plan is a must for any fashion business!”

Alex RodriguezFashion Studio Owner - Threads & Trends

“As a marketing manager, keeping up with promotional demands is a challenge. The New Year Subscription Plan from 360 Digitizing Solutions has simplified our ordering process. The monthly recurring subscription ensures we're always ready for the next campaign without breaking the bank.”

Sarah ThompsonMarketing Manager - PromoPros Marketing

Step-by-Step Guide to Subscribe to the New Year Subscription Plan

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